Huawei Club Blog:Recent advancements in the Telecommunications Industry

Over few years there’s been rapid growth in Telecommunications Industry & I am going to collate the ones that have been profound over a dedace!!!

Adventof VoIP

“Skyping” would not be possible unless there was VoIP.The first recognisable VoIP software was launched back in the early days of the modern internet in 1995. Though primitive by today’s standards



The Future of VoIP

The success of Skype spawned a host of competitors, some of whom made aggressive inroads into the traditional telecoms market. The advent of ‘Skype Phones’ and residential VoIP plans offered by companies like Vonage threaten to render copper wire services obsolete. Many large corporations have already moved over to VoIP for business telephony, while a new wave of smartphone VoIP applications could undermine even mobile telephone calls. As internet connections continue to improve, VoIP seems set to further encroach on traditional phone services and may yet establish itself as the telecommunications standard for the 21st century.


Mobilenetworks through 2G, 2.5G and 3G & beyond…

New generations have appeared about every ten years since the first move from 1981 analog (1G) to digital (2G) transmission in 1992. This was followed, in 2001, by 3G multi-media support, spread spectrum transmission and peak throughputs of 200 kbit/s; and in 2011 by 4G, which refers to all-IP switched networks, mobile ultra-broadband (gigabit speed) access and multi-carrier transmission.

[url= … 5g-vs-2g-vs-1g.html]Image Courtesy[/url]


There will soon be the same number of cell phones on the planet aspeople.

[url= … 5g-vs-2g-vs-1g.html]Image Courtesy[/url]


WiFinetworks transform the computer to a mobile device.



3G+networks transform the mobile device from just a phone to an extension of yourcomputer.



The smartphone is transforming the waypeople think about computing.

Image Courtesy



Googleand Facebook can enter the telecom industry using the above technologies.


FixedMobile Convergence

Connect to your email or office applications, anywhere, anytime.

Image Courtesy




Yourphone is not just something to talk on or text with.

Image Courtesy



Location-basedadvertising and “family locator” applications take off.

Image Courtesy


Mobile Apps Web APIs enableInternet applications to much more easily handle telecom functions
Image Courtesy

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Withsupercomputer web services, anything seems possible.

Image Courtesy




E-Publishing * (essentially what we are doing here!!!)

Hmm, the subscription model will “save” the magazine &newspaper industry? Many believers of the same school of thought believe it willtransform publishing profoundly!!!


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