Innovations to be expected for smartphones in 2014





Source : Google

Swipe Credit Cards on your mobile phone:
Seems odd, right? Well think about all the places where you wished had a swipe machine to swipe your card for payments. Especially the tier-2 and tier-3 cities are not so used to having swipe machines for cards in shops, restaurants, etc. This has a huge potential to aid the business of small scale shop keepers and many other places where you make payments. Instead of having a dedicated swipe machine, have a Case to add-on to your Smartphone which will enable you to take payments. Just imagine how quick and hassle free it would be for both customers and business stores to have this cool case+ app.


 Source : Google

Radiation Alert on Smartphone:
Did you know that your phone camera can detect X-rays? Andthis is possible in every Smartphone, even the one you are staring right nowand wondering is there something special built it that I did not know when Ibought it. The principle behind this isn’t new — scientists know that charge-coupleddevices (or CCDs used in cameras) candetect X-rays. But now our phones have the computing power to figure outwhat the source of radiation is, and eliminate false positives that can happenjust because your phone is warm.
Now let me come to how this is helpful. Imagine your phonesaving you from radiation. Smartphones today have enough computing power todetect the levels of radiation and alert you if you get too close to a hazardzone. Scientists at Idaho National Laboratory created an Android app (thesystem is called CellRAD) for turning Smartphone cameras into radiationdetectors, and tested it with four Smartphone models (Samsung Nexus S, SamsungGalaxy Nexus, Samsung SIII and LG Nexus 4). Here’s one:


Source : Google

Wireless Charging:
You must be wondering that this is already in massproduction, how can this be termed under innovation to be expected. Well there’salways a chance to improvise on ideas. Imagine the same technology if madepossible to work at a distance compared to the present scenario of placing yourphone on a wireless charging pillow. This will be helpful in sharing the samecharging station and make your desk clutter free.



Source : Google

Li-Fi(Light Fidelity) wireless data transfer technology:
Wi-Fi is to phones today what oxygen is to us humans. We are in constant search ofhotspots to stay connected on the digital dimension. Yet, everyone has the sameissue, speed. The technology has advanced so much that irresistible is thenorm. Li-Fi stands for visible light communication technology which has gonefrom theory to practical tests in late 2013. To give you an idea to its potentialcapabilities, Li-fi can transfer data at minimum speeds of 150 mbps using LEDlights, 10 times faster the current Wi-Fi technology.



Source : Google

Smartphone that communicates with appliances:
You check in with your friends or family asking how they are doing, what’s new and related stuff. Now if you could do the same with yourwashing machine, fridge and security system at home how easy and worry freeyour life would be. Here is a solution by LG in partnership with Line(messaging service) to make our lives a whole lot more comfortable with the LGHomeChat, which enables us to communicate with our smart appliances. The Appuses Natural Language Processing (NLP) so that the user is not thrown out of their comfort zone.


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