Huawei Club – A new engagement platform for India market


I must thank Prasenjit Sen,Bhavya Siddappa,Wanghuang for having me as a part of Huawei Fan Club Familiarization. The interaction with Wilson Wang as the new chief operating officer (COO) Huawei, was awesome & so much so Ascend Mate  
I was impressed with the a huge Huaweiemui fBook/Twitter followers, as influencers interested & RSVP’d for 20th July Saturday. In fact great co-ordination by the moderators & everyone, behind the scenes!!! Definitely commendable, Job Well done!

Wilson Wang, The chief operating officer of India R&D Center of Huawei is very excited to see so many young friends sitting in the audience.

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“Design is emotional” – Rahul Gonsalves
Let your technology work hard & not your users – Emotion UI was designed with Empathy 
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Just to ramble my thoughtsm, Huawei launched its first oversea club for technology enthusiasts in India 20th July 2013. 
Huawei Club is a channel to listen to our consumers, present information on products and services, and provide online content and face-to-face interaction with our tech & design experts.

It’s an interaction platform for us to listen, for you to experience and together we will bring you more satisfaction.

Huawei Club – Together We Make it Possible
HuaweiClub Objectives:
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Huawei’s fas’ interaction platform, Channel for Huawei to listen to user’s authentic voice.
To eliminate confusion immediately for fans, to present the latest information on products and service.
Provide a rich online content and offline face-line interaction to extend Huawei product experience.


Why should one join Huawei Club?
Experience latest Handsets:
Do you want 1st Hand experience of the handset even before the Handset launch?  With Our strong R&D support, now Indian users also can experience this for Huawei devices as a pre-launch experience and can interact with Phone Geeks.

Get to meet the Core Product Team and Chief Designers:
80% of functions in the Smartphone are normally never used, or not even known off. That’s true, because none of us actually read the manual of any smart phone. The fact is, many of features are not been discovered because there is lack of experience and communication. We will bring you the opportunities to experience the phone together with our core product team and our chief designers.

Contest & Prizes:
In the club we will have multiple contests along with existing prizes waiting for you & you will surely socialize and find similar interest among other people.  We have an upcoming contest for EMUI Theme Design. You just need to upload 3 UI pictures along with your idea. Join our club to know more detail.

Huawei Scholar Program:
We will provide projects and training opportunities for college students. Offer Final year engineering projects, R&D Engineers Guidance, Best Project Awards, Huawei Scholar Certificate, and Employment Offer for university students.

Support Developer Community:
We have Open Lab for 3G / 4G for developers to test and debug your apps. We will also hold app development competition, fund key apps development. If your app is really good, we will promote them globally.

So if all this sounds exciting ask your friends to  Huawei Club today & be a part of this journey….
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Official page of “Huawei Club’
Contact :

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