How Digital world is getting more fancy compared to the real world



Digital and physical- the two worlds we live in today. We feel,see,touch in the physical world. Where’s in the digital world we interact thru the technology.Digital provides accuracy, immediacy, flexibility and efficiency whereas physical provides emotional resonance, an authenticity, and a pleasing imperfection.We don’t have the time, and we want the best deal for everything we buy, is what makes us chase the digital path. The devices today are binding the physical and networked worlds thereby transforming the shape of social institutions andmarkets.  You no longer need to worry about the network in the digital world. It’s always there. 

Here’s a quote from Larry Page in 2004:

“Ultimately I view Google as a way to augment your brain with the knowledge of the world. Right now you go into your computer and type a phrase, but you can imagine that it could be easier in the future, that you can have just devices you talk into, or you can have computers that pay attention to what’s going on around them”

Today Google has made both the audio input and visual a reality and we are fortunate to experience it. Not clear, eh? How about the Google Now in your android phone or the Google glass. These are not only smart but efficient and quick too. From weather,tourist spots,movie listings to dining places the list just goes on. People of my generation had to book a guide to know the history and facts about a tourist place. But my next generation is using Augmented Reality (AR) combined with location tracker to get all the information about the buildings and attractions.



My mom, who saw a computer only after me seeing operating one, has made use of the technology to save time and effort. Here’s a list of things she does now:

  • Book a gas cylinder
  • Shop for groceries
  • Paying utility bills
  • Making effective use of LIC online agent portal ( she’s an agent)
  • Skyping with her cousin who resides in US
  • Gets update about me thru FB even before I reach home in evening 

Some changes digital has brought in our everyday life:

  • Book vs. Tablet

     We used to carry books to schools, whereas my neighbors daughter just carries a tablet and manages everything pretty neat on the device.

  • Learning online and Taking Tests online

     Exam preparations and attending exams online are already being practiced widely today.



  • Games

     I played hide and seek at the age of 4 with kids of our locality, but my niece is happy playing Angry birds on her iPad she received on her 4th birthday. This has a negative impact on the kids but its getting difficult for parents to control.

shopping-bags 2.jpg


This one is for the ladies here. I am sure you all must have asked your friends,family how will this dress look on you. I’ve even seen in shopping malls, girls clicking the product, whatsapping it on their group and asking if she go for it. It was not possible in the previous decade in such a short time and without much effort. How about a store Saving the Likes for each costume on the garment itself. Watch the below video to be surprised of the idea and I certainly appreciate that.How about Likes on a garment before you buy.



Children are already Building their miniature ideas, as seen here. Lego may be history provided this is adopted in all schools.



It is super quick to do and undo anything in the digital world. The information and communication parts of the world, is moving inexorably to an all-digital condition, so lets adopt technology to make our lives easier and stress free. 

Whats your take on this.

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