How to get started with Android Development


As you know, Android is a huge Ocean with lots and lots ofdevelopers adding new apps into the ecosystem. If you want to be an Android Appdeveloper, keep in mind that there is always a chance to lose out the app inthe millions of apps in the store.

Follow Guidelines

Just like any other ecosystem, Google also has defined a setof guidelines for a developer to follow. The guidelines are defined forconsistent look and feel, security and others.



An app needs to perform well in a low end as well as high end device. It should be efficient in memory/space usage etc. Also ensure that the speediness of the app. It will make your app to win or lose.

Upgrade App based on new SDK/different range of devices

Ensure that you design the app based for the range ofdevices. It ensures that it will work seamlessly on multiple range of deviceswith varying screen sizes. The other important point is to update the appwhenever a new SDK is available. It helps, for ex: the same old functionalitycan be provided in the efficient new way. Also, incorporate new featuressupported by the new SDK. Thus it will help match certain common featuresacross different apps.


Gather regular feedback from users

Beta release is as and much more important than the finalrelease. It will help to gather more inputs from the end-users and allows oneto fine-tune the app to meet user requirements. Thus it will also increase the userbase.


Get involved in Android communities

Ideas come out when involved in discussions. Get involved invarious Android community discussions and share the ideas and also try toconsume the ideas coming out during the discussions. Even though they aresimple, they might be powerful. Give it a thought.


And Finally,


Ad based apps are good till it starts interfering in theusage of the app. One should be very careful in developing the app not to hinder user actions.


There are much more to add on to the above. Do let me know what you think and want to add on apart from the above. Download the SDK and start developing apps and be a part of the ecosystem.


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