Tips to make your Android phone more smarter


Android phones have made our lives very cozy nowadays. Everything can be done by a single tap of the button. Also, the pool of apps provided by the Google Play Store allows us to just sit on our comfortable bean bags, and let our fingers do all the work.


But, human wants are unlimited. Basic Economics, right? We need more customization and features, to become even more lazier I guess!


Well, jokes apart, here are some tips which for sure, can make your Android phone smarter than it is now:


1. Widgets



Use widgets as much as possible. It’s a unique feature of Android which makes navigation through important apps just a tap away from you. Also, saves a lot of much needed battery and time as well!


2.  Data Conserve

auto updates.png



These smartphones are nothing without the internet connection, but it hurts when some data gets utilized for a useless work – auto update of an app for instance. Do not worry, it is your smartphone, and you have every right to control it! It can be stopped (or to set to whatever setting you may want). Just go to the Google Play Store’s settings option of your account, and select the “Auto update apps over Wi-Fi only” option for any kind of updates meant to apps. This ensures that the apps will be updated only when you are connected to a WiFi. By default, auto updates are enabled.


3. Gravity App

No, it is not another gaming app from the Will Smith movie you watched last weekend.It is an app which will turn your smartphone’s screen off-or-on based on its position. If your device is facing downside, the app will get activated and will automatically turn off the screen using its proximity sensor.Don’t worry about the battery usage; it keeps your phone in ultra sleep mode while locking up the screen to pay back the battery usage.


4. File Synchronization

Signed up for the G+ network with your device? If yes, unknowingly you’ve got something interesting and useful for yourself. The images and videos captured by you will automatically get transferred to a private folder in your G+ profile. Also, data usage can be saved by checking the Wi-Fi option for this task (as discussed in point 2. above). Saves a lot of memory too! Isn’t it?


So folks, do you think you’re ready to become even more smarter by following these useful tips.

Let me know your views/feedback/suggestions in the comment box below.



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