How Smartphone can be a good friend to human beings?

Use a smartphone? You may be addicted!!!

What is the first thing you do when you get out of bed in the morning?  Brush your teeth – use the washroom – make coffee let the dog out? Chances are you don’t do anything before you check your phone.SOASTA, a mobile testing firm, conducted a 10-city survey of the mobile habits of Smartphone owners.  They found that 84% of people grab their Smartphones as soon as they wake in the morning. New Yorkers were the most addicted, clocking in at 92% checking their phones before brushing their teeth.

What about you – do you check your phone as soon as you wake up in the morning?

The study found we now spend more time on our smartphones than with our partner, with the average Brit spending two hours a day looking at their phone: 
checking various social networks (16 mins), listening to music (15 mins) and playing games (13 mins).
Time spent using our smartphones for various activities per day:
1) Browsing the internet, 24 minutes per day
2) Checking social networks, 16 minutes per day
3) Listening to music, 15 minutes per day
4) Playing games, 13 minutes per day
5) Making calls, 13 minutes per day
6) Text messaging, 11 minutes per day
7) Checking/writing emails, nine minutes per day
8) Reading books, eight minutes per day
9) Watching TV/films, seven minutes per day
10) Taking photographs, three minutes per day

Chatting on the phone seems to have made a comeback as year on year figures show a 12 per cent increase in making calls.
And the same can be said for texting, as over the past year there has been a 13 per cent increase in people using their mobile to message friends. What’s more, the research reveals we are replacing many household objects as our smartphones do the same job.As many as 57 per cent of us admit we have no use for an alarm clock anymore. Meanwhile, half of us no longer wear a watch as we rely on our mobile to tell the time, and 46 per cent use only their phone to take photographs. 
More bold moves include ditching a laptop in favour of using a smartphone (25 per cent) and discarding a games console for a handset (12 per cent).






The ‘Mobile Life’ report, which was carried by O2 and electronics company Samsung, involved 2,000 adults.
David Johnson, from O2, said: ‘Smartphones are getting smarter all the time with huge leaps being made in technology.


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